Learn how to overcome failure and tragedy, while becoming your best self with the University of Adversity podcast. Learning to use Adversity as fuel to ignite your inner flame and live the life you have always desired. 

Join your host Lance Essihos as he interviews successful entrepreneurs that have fought the hard battles to overcome life’s obstacles. Lance started the University of Adversity podcast after overcoming his own failure and tragedy. Tune in weekly for a dose of positivity, strength, and real-life practical guidance to achieve your life goals.


Lance is an ambitious entrepreneur on a journey to inspire the masses by helping individuals achieve their life purpose. 

His goal is to help people grow their mindset, develop a healthy relationship with themselves, and overcome adversity so they can go on to achieve greatness in their lives. 

Lance has a passion for travel and has been all over the world to many countries. His most recent adventure landed him abroad for 5 years in Australia. That’s where he worked and managed in various bars around the country. 

Before all the traveling and bars, Lance was a highly competitive athlete where he played at an elite level of hockey. But a few bad choices along the road suddeny ended the hockey career he once chased.

While in Australia, Lance was living a very toxic life that was taking him down a road he wasn’t proud of. On top of that, at the same time he lost his younger brother to suicide and his father to cancer. All of this happened in just 18-months. His life went on a downward spiral…

In 2017, he went on a 1-year journey of sobriety and successfully ran a bar while completely sober. Throughout this time, his priorities changed and he decided that he wanted to make a huge change in his life that no longer involved the toxic bar lifestyle.

Lance is now on a journey to serve people in a different way- This time as a business coach, mentor, and social media marketer helping people go from employee to entrepreneur as seamlessly as possible. That way they can go on to create a business and a vehicle that will allow them to create the freedom they desire.

He created the University of Adversity to share the stories of people/entrepreneurs, digging deep and highlighting the challenges, life struggles, and adversity they had to overcome in order to achieve amazing success in their lives. 
He is striving to change the way we look at adversity. He believes that we should come to terms with and understand that personal growth and becoming the best human we can be, always comes after overcoming something challenging or some form of personal struggle.
Life is full of different levels of adversity, so it is Lance’s mission to help people deal with adversity when faced with it, and show them that it’s actually a gift they can use to fuel and ignite their life purpose and passion.


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